Lab Workstations (Linux)

Linux Services

The Economics Department offers several different options for using Linux.

For interactive computing needs, the Linux computers in the Bowling Alley graduate student lab (Room 325M) provide full graphical clients, and several compute servers provide ssh and sftp access.

For long-term, non-interactive compute needs, we also offer a Batch Processing Cluster.

All of our systems run the Scientific Linux 6 (RedHat compatible) version of Linux.

Linux in the Grad House / Bowling Alley

There are several Linux workstations available in the Grad House on Campus Drive  as well as the Bowling Alley (Room 325M). These workstations are for interactive sessions only. If you need to run long-term computations, please use one of our compute servers listed below or the Batch Processing Cluster for computations taking more than several hours.

We have 2 64-bit General Access Workstation located at the Econ Grad House



As well as 5 64-bit General Access Bowling Alley Workstations






Linux Compute Servers

The Department of Economics has several high-end compute servers. These servers are available to all Economics graduate students, and are a much better choice for intensive computation as they have faster processors and have more memory than the Grad House and Bowling Alley systems. You can access the servers via an ssh session, using the same login and password as other Economics systems.

For a list of the servers and their current status, please view our Compute Servers Status web page.



Batch Processing Cluster

The Department of Economics has a multi-node, multi-CPU batch processing cluster running the Sun Grid Engine. For more information about this cluster, please refer to our Batch Processing Cluster web page.


Available Software

There are several commercial and Open Source software packages available on our Linux systems. All of the Linux machines have the same set of software available on them. For more detailed information, please refer to our Linux Applications web page.


Getting Access

To be able to gain access and use the Windows lab stations you must have an Economics account.  If have and account but have forgotten you password please go here.   If you do not have account then go here.   These workstations are only available to masters and PhD students.   


Usage Guidelines

  • Please do not tie up the machines for days.  If are in need of continual computational needs you need to use the Economics cluster
  • Using the remote desktop services are not permitted with the Windows lab stations.