Network File Storage

Getting Started...


Gaining Access


Currently/Former Economics Faculty, Staff and Students

Currently you must have an Department of Economics account to access the department's file storage.   Accounts are automatically created for faculty, staff and graduate students.   You will only have access to the space while your Economics account is active.   If you are a former student or faculty you can submit a requested to have you account stay active.  When you submit the requested you will need to state the purpose.  

Other Duke Faculty and Undergraduate Students

If you are an undergraduate student you can request access if you have a sponsoring Department of Economics faculty member or a faculty member affiliated with the Department of Economics and they also have access.  Please have that faculty member submit a request with your netid along and name of the data space will need access to.

Outside of Duke

If you are faculty member and/or researcher from another institution outside of Duke you can gain access to file space granted your are working with an Department of Economics faculty member and/or another Duke faculty member affiliated with the department that currently has access. Please have that faculty member submit a request with your name along with name of the data space will need access to.  Please note: The process can take a few days.  We first must have a netid provisioned to you from Duke's Office of Information Technology (OIT).  Once it has been created we can in proceeding with creating the Department of Economics account and access rights.   We cannot bypass this step.   


General Information

OpenAFS File Space

Please Note: We are in the process of phasing out of AFS to Solaris - ZSF file system.

OpenAFS is a shared network file system, and is the basis for backup, sharing, and storage of files for the Department of Economics. It is an Open Source project based on the original IBM/Transarc AFS code that was released to the Open Source Community several years ago. It is widely used and accepted at many large universities and organizations, including Duke, Dartmouth, MIT, and the University of North Carolina.

OpenAFS has a number of powerful features, but it may operate very differently from other methods of organizing files which you may be familiar with. If you have used the Duke ACPUB system, then you may already be familiar with OpenAFS.


Storage Amounts

When accounts are created each user is automatically give a "home" space i.e... named after there netid.  The space is automatically assigned a quota of 1GB.  This ca be increased to 5GB upon submitting a help ticket.  5GB the maximum allowable amount.   

If you are currently working on large projects that require more space we have "data" space for research and graduate work.  Department of Economics faculty members just need to submit a request for space to be created and the amount needed.  Vary large requests will need to be discussed with the Economics Computing Services Team in more detail.  If you are a graduate student you must have a Department of Economics faculty member sponsor you to use the resarch space.  Have them submit a ticket with your Economics account ID and location of the space that you are to have access to.


Department of Economics OpenAFS Usage Documentation