Wired Access

Who can access? 

Wired access is primarily available for regular faculty, visiting faculty, staff and grad students with office assignments.   Economics Computing Services  (ECS) team can register your desktop or laptop for wired access on in Office rooms and Classroom 327 in Social Sciences building and Grad House only.  



If your device is running Windows XP we can not granted you access to use the wired network.  XP is officially not supported by Microsoft anymore so there are no more securely updates and system patches that can be applied.  Therefore this make these systems a high risk for our network.   If you connect  your XP desktop or laptop to your network OIT secruity will flag it and block you MAC address redenering you with no internet access.     


Best Practices

  • Keep your system updated with the latest security updates and patches for you OS.
  • Keep your Malware/Spyware which includes virus protection up to date.  (Duke faculty, staff and students - more info.)  


How to Get Access? 

Please submit a ticket with you MAC address for you laptop or desktop along with the machine name.  


Getting my MAC address?

Windows Vista and 7, 8

  1. Open a Command Prompt window by clicking the Start button, clicking Programs or All Programs, clicking Accessories, and then clicking Command Prompt.
  2. In the Command Prompt window type ipconfig /all
  3. Find the Physical Address line under the section that describes your network adapter. MAC address is listed as six groups of two hexadecimal digits, separated by hyphens (-).


Mac OS X


  1. To find your MAC address in OS X, head to System Preferences > Network and select your active network interface from the list on the left. In our example, it’s an Ethernet connection.
  2. Click “Advanced” in the lower right corner, and then click on the Hardware tab. Your MAC address is listed at the top of the Hardware tab.
  3. You can write or type this address manually for reference, but Apple made it easy to get a copy of it. Simply press Command+C while at this window and your MAC address value will be copied to the clipboard.