Lab Workstations (Windows)

Installed Software 

Currently the lab stations are running the following software applications.

  • Win10 64bit
  • Office 2016
  • MATLAB 2016a
  • STATA 14 SE
  • R Studio
  • WinEdit with Lytex
  • LyX
  • Statgraphics 
  • Maple 15
  • Mathmatica
  • R

Please feel to contact us if you have requests for additional software that you need installed.   All requests will be considered.  We are always looking for ways to improve the workstations to make more benefit to our students.


Getting Access

To be able to gain access and use the Windows lab stations you must request access.  These workstations are only available to masters and PhD students.   


Usage Guidelines

  • Please do not tie up the machines for days.  If you are in need of continual computational needs you need to use the Economics cluster
  • Using the remote desktop services are not permitted with the Windows lab stations.